Welcome to The Community Artist League by Allan Talib

land_jobs_quotes_260The BRD House is an innovative business that supports “the promotion and growth of the Arts and Artists”. Consistent with that mission, The BRD House is actively pursuing the following initiatives:

  • Revitalizing the “Economy of the Arts” through the Community Artist League and our webcast program, “It’s Live @ The BRD House”.
    • Community Artist League. This league will function much like an athletic league except that it is designed to develop and promote local school-aged musicians rather than athletes. Each “team” will have a minimum of eleven performers (for example, horns, percussion, strings and guitars, vocals and keyboards) and four creative arts “support” positions.
    • The Community Artist League will also help “fill the gap” in providing music instruction and performance opportunities for students who would otherwise be left out as schools are forced to trim or eliminate music programs.
    • “It’s Live @ The BRD House”. This webcast program will entertain, educate and promote the commerce of the arts. It will also provide exposure for some of the most talented artists in the Greater Miami Valley area. Because this program combines education and entertainment, we refer to it as “Edu-tainment”.
  • Supporting the “STEM to STEAM3” campaign. The STEM program advocates that additional emphasis be placed on the integration of science, technology, engineering and math into the standard school curriculum. We support STEAM3, which broadens that effort to include the arts, music and medicine. It specifically incorporates the creative arts to teach science and mathematics.
  • Continuing our commitment to “Developing Artists and Building Inner Community Opportunities” (DABICO) through after-school music programs and summer programs for churches, schools, community organizations and families.
  • Supporting the visual and performing arts in the Miami Valley region by providing instruments, instruction and a venue for performing artists.

How Can I Help Support the Initiatives of The BRD House?

Ask about our Personal Endowment and Promotional Items strategies, found on our Community Artist League page, or become a Sponsor. Sponsorship dollars are critical in helping The BRD House accomplish its mission. If you are interested in supporting these initiatives of The BRD House, please visit our sponsorship page to learn more about the sponsorship and advertising opportunities that are available.