Community Artist League

Welcome to The Community Artist League by Allan Talib

An Introduction to The Community Artist League by John Derrickson

blackbird_transparentThe Community Artist League will function much like an athletic league except that it is designed to develop and promote local school-aged musicians rather than athletes.

It will also help “fill the gap” in providing music instruction and performance opportunities for those students who would otherwise be left out as schools, under increasing financial stress, are forced to trim or eliminate music programs.

The Community Artist League will consist of up to four teams or ensemble groups. Each “team” will have a minimum of eleven performers and four creative arts “support” positions in the following categories:

  • Performers
    • Horns
    • Percussion
    • Strings and Guitars
    • Vocals
    • Keyboards
  • Support Positions
    • Graphic Artists
    • Videographers
    • Promotions and Marketing
    • Facility Technicians (Production and Staging)

The teams will compete against each other at different venues throughout the Miami Valley area. Each group will be judged at each performance and points will be cumulated throughout the year. Performances will be judged by the viewing audience and a selected panel of judges.

Each group will have one major concert per quarter and will have the opportunity to perform with top local and national artists.

How Can I Help Support the Community Artist League?

You can support our initiative to create The Community Artist League by committing to one or more of the following types of support:

  • Set up a Recurring Payment Plan that would provide ongoing support for the Community Artist League. Or set up a Personal Endowment Program. This option would include a free Financial Service Review by qualified professionals who support our arts initiatives. This option can help you reposition some of your assets to help you reach your personal, business or philanthropic financial goals yet still help support our arts initiative.
  • Promotional Items. Use our affiliate resources through Deuce Shirt to purchase promotional items, uniforms, or spirit wear for your personal use or business and a portion of the proceeds will be directed to support the Community Artist League.
  • Become a sponsor. Many of our youth will need financial assistance to participate in the Community Artist League. Your assistance will help; and we have many sponsorship levels from which to choose. Make a contribution today by visiting our sponsorship page and selecting the level of support that meets your needs. Payment arrangements are also available to make your contributions more affordable.

For more information about any of these support opportunities, please email Allan Talib or call (937) 689-8800.

Photos From The Community Artist League