About Us

brdhouse_entranceThe BRD House (pronounced “birdhouse”) Music and Arts Company, located in Clayton, Ohio, is a music and entertainment venue dedicated to the growth of and promotion of the artist within each of us.

It is a full-service music retail store where musicians can purchase instruments or have them repaired, play and listen to music, develop their artistic talents, or just congregate to relax and have some fun.

It is also the home of “It’s Live @ The BRD House”, which is our webcast show that highlights musical and vocal talent in the Dayton and Greater Miami Valley area.

Introduction to The BRD House

Watch the following video for a brief introduction to The BRD House:

An Introduction to The BRD House by Allan Talib

Why BRD?

Why BRD?

The initials “BRD” are in honor and memory of Brandon Reed Daugherty, the son of Bob and Sheila Daugherty, operators of The BRD House.

Brandon passed away in 2002 after a lifelong battle with heart disease.  Brandon was enthused by music but the illness limited his ability to participate.

The entertainment provided by The BRD House is a community outreach in his memory.

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